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Create a seamless quote-to-order process that can handle all aspects of scheduling, dispatch, customer communication, eReceipts, and more.

Configure your service model to meet operational efficiency, cost management, and customer experience goals. Group FiO’s Field Service Management solution empowers technicians to boost customer satisfaction with mobile tools, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

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Discover How to Increase Process Automation by 30%

Estimate Jobs

Create new customers, estimates and jobs in seconds with a seamless quote-to-order system that gives your in-the-field team unprecedented capabilities to track equipment, documents, schedule and job-specific tasks.

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Dispatching & Scheduling

Schedule and dispatch jobs directly to field workers’ smart phones or via text messages. Manage your fleet and service team schedules remotely to ensure each job has the staff and supplies it needs to get completed on time.

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Inventory Management

Track current internal and supplier stock and access accurate delivery and order tracking information to manage customer expectations. Convert jobs to invoices with a single click and receive payments against those invoices directly within the system.

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Integrated Emails

Create highly personalized, custom email templates, deliver real-time A/B testing, and develop deep data reporting using Zero Party Data, the most salient data available in today’s AI-driven world. Create custom email templates, set up real-time A/B testing, and break out aggregate reporting.

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Customer Management System

Gain a 360-degree single customer view. Develop automated and personalized journeys based on single customers actions, data points, and profiles that enable better engagement and memorable brand moments.

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Intelligent e-Receipts

Continue customer touches after the sale is over with a dynamic ereceipt strategy that gives you unlimited branded customization opportunities and open new marketing real estate for special offers, coupons, and more.

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Predictive Analytics & Audience Segmentation

Leverage historical behavior and predictive behaviors to create high-performing segments for targeted emails, paid media, and on-site sales tools. Utilize native AI-driven product recommendations that are informed by customer input, behavioral data, and product catalog inventory.

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Enterprise Level Support & Service

Manage the entire customer lifecycle from first entry point to post-job marketing efforts using a data-driven platform that involves and invests your entire ecosystem.

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FiO’s Field Service Management Features

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