Optimize Business Operations Using FiO Integrations

Connecting Everything

FiO Integrations closes the loop of your software ecosystem by connecting each disparate platform to a central repository of the truth.

FiO Integrations new

Integration Out-of-the-Box


Integration Out-of-the-Box


Connect Your Platforms With Ease

Getting actionable intelligence can be difficult in any environment, especially if you are working with multiple platforms that do not talk to one another.

ai-InteleKt™ integrates out-of-the-box with most CRM, ERP, OMS, and shopping cart platforms, bringing all your data together in one place. Integrate your ecosystem with InteleKt™ to bring unity to your information.

Benefits of Integration



Improved Platform Functionality

Getting up to date information can sometimes be an exercise in futility, but now with FiO Integrations you can have a platform that is integrated to all your customer touch points.

  • Better Analysis
  • Reduces Time and Complexity
  • Enhances Employee Communication and Collaboration
  • Improves Productivity
  • Improves Data Accuracy
  • Real-Time Visibility
Improved Platform Functionality

Custom Integrations


Custom Integrations new


Connect Your Custom Platforms

Integrating your ecosystem is great, but what if you are using software that was custom-built? Not to worry, FiO specializes in custom integrations with lesser known brands and inhouse platforms so you can enjoy all the benefits that an integrated ecosystem has to offer.

FiO will also work with you to create the integration that works best for you.