Intelligent Business Solutions with FiO InteleKt

Intelligent Business Solutions with FiO InteleKt™

Predict, Analyze, and Scale Your CX

With FiO InteleKt™, the power to solve complex data and business challenges, big or small, is at your fingertips. Tracking and analyzing your channels’ performance levels can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of your marketing program. InteleKt™ makes it simple.

Our industry-leading analytic platform, which encompasses the next generation in retail technology by implementing Hyper-Personalization, Prescriptive Analysis, & Customer Journey Analytics to elevate your CX.

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Hyper Personalization

The advantage of Hyper-Personalization allows you to develop individual personas for each user, not just groups. Thus, providing you in-depth understanding into each customer which increases your opportunity for more sales.  Analyzing your customers at this level also provides allows you to develop a more intimate & successful CX.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Take control of your customers journey by utilizing Prescriptive Analytics. This method allows you to forecast outcomes based on behavioral data in an effort to accelerate the customer journey toward your desired outcome or goals, such as purchasing a product or requesting a quote for a service.

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Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics is the process of tracking customers who use a combination of channels to interact with your business. An example of this is a luxury furniture retailer who needs to understand the low conversion of customers to sales when visiting their website. A Customer Journey Analysis can provide insight by combining all customer data from every source woven into the fabric of the customer profile. This provides strategic direction for the business to enhance their conversion techniques on their website and maintain congruency between all marketing & sales channels now and in the future and increase the CX.

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Closed Loop Integration

Closed Loop Integration with FiO is a critical component for any customer journey. Simply put when you have a closed-loop system you allow yourself the chance to re-touch a customer who may have decided to not convert or maybe on the fence. Closed Loop Integration from FiO is the strategy and mechanism that connects all the customer touchpoints and allows you to build a solid loop with your customer base providing repeat opportunities to convert your customers.