Open Source Solutions with Intelligence

An Incredible Alternative to Commercial Software in Both Size and Scope

FiO’s Open Source is a Unique Solution

FiO’s Intelligent Open Source solution offers a credible alternative to commercial software in both the size and scope of the business problem you are trying to solve.  We focus on the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) suite of applications to deliver the optimal solution for your business.  Solutions can be broad such as Big Data, ERP, CRM or it can be narrow such as a specific module for your commercial or SaaS-based ERP/CRM.  We focus on helping you drive ROI with an overall review of TCO, efficiency, transparency and time to produce ROI.  As an open source solutions company, our engagement model can work with you as deep as you need to build, deliver and operate.

Our focus is to leverage the ASF suite of solutions, to build efficient solutions for your business. We combine components of the ASF suite of applications where possible to derive an optimal solution for your business. Our professional applications that have been implemented for many clients are examples of our work.  Also, we have implemented point solutions and large-scale solutions that are the pure open source where we have built and delivered the solution.

Most times, we have been requested to operate and maintain the solution in the long term. FiO’s Intelligent Open Source is an excellent option for a CFO or executive team focusing strongly on TCO. Using open-source software yields a lower TCO when compared to commercial software and other proprietary alternatives.


Leverage Our Tools to Build, Deliver and Operate

Adopting open-source software will eliminate a one-time licensing or ongoing SaaS fees, which typically increases with additional usage. Additional costs such as implementation, customization, training, and ongoing support are typically non-differential with a cost saving of approximately 20%.

What makes open source unique is that you’re not paying for the right to use the underlying intellectual property.  

Working with FiO’s Intelligent Open Source, your business will enjoy an additional benefit of having a single team take responsibility to deliver the entire result. 

Open source is the future because open source is the method many businesses use to build software. Three to five years from now, technology will become more collaborative and less closed or silo-based.  Large organizations that have been typically closed source such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Adobe, actively take part in the open-source community.

For your safety and ours we work with ASF because of the sheer number of developers available which will reduce your risk of relying on a single team.  We can also leverage many developers and have practiced the method to bring diverse workgroups from across the globe to solve your particular problem.

Synchronize In-Store and On-line Marketing

Automate cross-channel marketing and deliver personalized promotions at scale through a seamless customer experience across in-store and online channels

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Customer Data Platform

With inbuilt CDP, customer data is ingested and unified into one system in real-time

Complete Communication

Deliver personalized interactions through email, sms, mobile push, in-app, or external message provider

Customer Segmentation

Analyze and segment customers and predict performance through AI analytics

High Impact Marketing

Marketers can trigger compelling campaigns based on specific or series of attributes, behaviors, or execution

Supply Chain Management

Automate purchasing and efficiently manage a complex ecosystem of wholesalers, distributors and suppliers

Social Media Interaction

Manage social media interactions, create and update fan pages to drive engagement