Intelligent Open Source

Develop Intelligent Open Source Solutions for Your Most Complex Projects Intelligent Open Source An incredible alternative to Commercial Software in both size and scope.


Synchronize In-Store and On-line Marketing

Automate cross-channel marketing and deliver personalized promotions at scale through a seamless customer experience across in-store and online channels

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Customer Data Platform

With inbuilt CDP, customer data is ingested and unified into one system in real-time

High Impact Marketing

Marketers can trigger compelling campaigns based on specific or series of attributes, behaviors, or execution

Complete Communication

Deliver personalized interactions through email, sms, mobile push, in-app, or external message provider

Supply Chain Management

Automate purchasing and efficiently manage a complex ecosystem of wholesalers, distributors and suppliers

Customer Segmentation

Analyze and segment customers and predict performance through AI analytics

Social Media Interaction

Manage social media interactions, create and update fan pages to drive engagement

FiO’s Open Source is a Unique Solution

FiO’s Intelligent Open Source offers a credible alternative to commercial software, tailored to your business needs. We specialize in Apache Software Foundation applications, crafting efficient solutions spanning Big Data, ERP, CRM, or specific modules within your ERP/CRM. Our approach emphasizes ROI through TCO analysis, efficiency, transparency, and prompt results. As an open-source solutions provider, we adapt to your depth of engagement, ensuring successful development, delivery, and operation.

Leveraging the ASF suite, we create efficient solutions by integrating its components. Our portfolio showcases both professional and pure open-source implementations, ranging from point solutions to large-scale projects.

For CFOs and executives prioritizing TCO, FiO’s Intelligent Open Source presents a compelling choice. Open-source software offers lower TCO compared to commercial alternatives, aligning with cost-conscious strategies.

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