Customer Engagement Platform

Collects Data Around all Customer Interactions

FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) helps you engage with your customers through every touch point throughout the “customer journey,” in all their interactions with your business to drive better outcomes for customers. Analysts report that a customer engagement platform gives organizations an innovative way to analyze patterns in real-time and promotes better communication between marketing, IT and service departments. Customer engagement platforms have become an enabling technology. It’s being used to take immediate action in response to the incoming flow of events.

It’s a repository database of connected content that tracks your audience through the sales cycle as they change from strangers to prospects to customers and eventually to brand evangelist promoters. The ability to follow each customer or sub-set of customer experiences and interactions makes FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform a critical part of your marketing technology stack.

Our customer engagement platform continues to manage interactions even after the sale closes and across the customer’s life cycle.

This solution is perfect for account-based revenue teams who are looking for something that keeps them organized and revenue efficient across all their selling, retention, and expansion activities. Touch points include all the various sales tools your team uses to connect with customers. Marketers need to adjust campaigns on the fly to react to changing customer indicators to optimize and personalize the path for every customer’s experience by adjusting the method of delivery, timing, look, and type of offer. While this may appear daunting, the right customer engagement platform and customer data platform can drastically reduce the difficulty of a scaled personalization approach.

FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform identifies and analyzes cause-and-effect relationships among customer actions in real-time, allowing personnel to proactively predict scenarios that are likely to happen so they can take effective actions.

FiO’s Customer Engagement Platform is especially effective in situations involving many factors that interact in variable ways, such as the investment and lending environments for Retail Organizations. Our CEP is also used with our Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (iCRM) platform